Home Guides Shardbound announces next playtest starting 21st February

Shardbound announces next playtest starting 21st February

Shardbound announces next playtest starting 21st February


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US-based developer Bazooka Tango has announced its latest Shardbound playtest. Titled Ascent to the Shards, the event will kick off 21st February and close 1st March, and be available to 2,000 players on a first-come first-serve basis.

The studio last had a playtest in August 2023 with 1,000 players.

Ascent of the Shards features updated gameplay loops and a new card distribution system with new card progression. Other features include battle pass and quests, starter decks and more.

Additionally, it advances the existing Shardbound narrative, which centers around Petra and Sabine, the two main characters, and their unsuccessful mission. In Ascent of the Shards an alternative perspective is introduced with the journey of Venerator Wynn, an antagonist who sabotages for Petra and Sabine.

Bazooka Tango co-founder Bo Daly commented, “Last year’s playtests allowed us to gather valuable feedback to incorporate into the next iteration of the game, as well as generate massive interest from new and existing players – almost doubling our pre-registration list by adding 50,000 new sign-ups. We can’t wait to show the next major step in our development process, including new features like fresh gameplay content, a new game UI, updated card distribution systems, additional 2D card art, testing card progression, and more.”

“2024 is about delivering an innovative experience and introducing fans to the new Shardbound ecosystem,” he added.

Shardbound is a PC turn-based game with deck-building and runs on Immutable zkEVM blockchain.

For more details, visit the Shardbound website.



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