Pixels phasing out BERRY token as PIXEL launches via Binance

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    That Pixels CEO and founder Luke Barwikowski doesn’t shy away from changing his gameplan is becoming more evident by the day. Surely keen not to repeat past mistakes of the industry, his and Pixels‘ guiding theme is sustainability. 

    To that end, in conjunction with its PIXEL token launching on Binance, Pixels‘ has announced the current BERRY token will be phased out and replaced by an off-chain currency called coin.

    “If we see something that’s not working, I’m willing to rip up everything and try something else. We’re not afraid of that because we know it’s better in the long run if we make some short term painful decisions,” said Barwikowski in a recent interview with, and that’s exactly what’s behind this strategic decision – because building a sustainable ecosystem has proven increasingly difficult with an on-chain soft currency with a daily inflation rate of 2% such as BERRY. 

    As we read in Pixelsofficial announcement on X, “Most MMOs struggle with balancing an inflationary economy, and web3 technology exacerbates the issue by enabling farmers to grind harder and sell their earnings more easily.”

    In order to process the out-phasing and reward its community fairly, all BERRY holders will receive PIXEL proportionately to the amount of owned BERRY – with 1,000 BERRY exchanged for 7.6175 PIXEL. Additionally, BERRY held outside of the game will be replaced with off-chain currency coin, for which PIXEL can be exchanged in order to gain in-game advantages.

    The team stresses that gameplay remains a main focus, and players must still engage, strategize, collaborate, and complete tasks to earn tokens. 

    In conclusion it assures, “We are confident that Pixels‘ best days are ahead. At Pixels, our ethos has always been and will always be to build with, and for, the community.”


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