Home Guides Ordinals co-created by Darewise and Honda coming to Life Beyond

Ordinals co-created by Darewise and Honda coming to Life Beyond

Ordinals co-created by Darewise and Honda coming to Life Beyond


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Darewise has announced a partnership with Honda which will enhance gameplay and feature new Bitcoin-based NFTs in the Life Beyond metaverse.

Darewise Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is looking to add utility to its PC sci-fi metaverse Life Beyond by co-developing new game features and assets with Japanese vehicle manufacturer Honda. These include in-game items, activities, and Ordinals – NFTs based on the Bitcoin protocol – which will all be available on Dolos, the planet of Life Beyond

Darewise CEO Benjamin Charbit, commented, “We are thrilled to establish a deep relationship with Honda as our key automotive partner. In addition to adding to in-game utility and style, we think that the ideation and innovation generated by this collaboration will enhance the game experience tremendously.”

Joining forces with Honda serves as an extension of Darewise’s initiative to build and expand a Bitcoin-based economy in Life Beyond. First announced in September 2023, with support from Horizen Labs, Darewise intends to integrate a Bitcoin economy by utilizing the BRC-20 standard and the Ordinals protocol. Its metaverse Life Beyond – which previously deployed its NFTs on Polygon – will be the first product to use the token to secure its Ordinals such as in-game assets and virtual lands.

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