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Immutable Passport goes live – BlockchainGamerBiz

Immutable Passport goes live – BlockchainGamerBiz


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Immutable has announced that its streamlined web3 onboarding solution Immutable Passport is now officially live.

Currently in beta, it allows users to create an account using email or other social logins without requiring a password or wallet seed phrase via a web interface. Creating a Passport account will also generate an integrated crypto wallet but this is a non-custodial solution, which means Immutable does not have access to the private keys.

However, users can also link external wallets enabling them to use existing Immutable X NFTs in games that support the tech.

Currently this includes Gods Unchained, with Guild of Guardians, Shardbound and MetalCore amongst the future slate of titles which will require users to onboard using Passport. Other products currently integrated with Passport include marketplaces such as Token Trove and Warners’ Bleacher Report Watch to Earn.

Anyone who wants to create an account can do so now.



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