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NFL Rivals breaks $2 million in NFT trading volume

NFL Rivals breaks $2 million in NFT trading volume


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Three months on from breaking the $1 million barrier, Mythical Games’ mobile title NFL Rivals has broken $2 million in terms of NFT trading volume.

One significant aspect of the news has been the rise in wallets that own the game’s NFTs. The total for the first million dollars was 35,710 wallets, whereas the $2 million total has seen this expand this to 127,490 wallets (up 257%).

Of course, this is a measure of how many wallets have acquired NFTs – in this case official NFL players – either via gameplay rewards or via IAPs.

The other aspect of NFL Rivals is people buying the NFTs, either via the game app itself or on the web-based Mythical Market.

Back in September, there were 4,613 wallets buying NFTs and 2,922 wallets selling NFTs. This has now risen to 16,676 (up 262%), with selling wallets now at 9,694 (up 232%).

You can follow how NFL Rivals does in the coming months via CryptoSlam and check out individual transactions via the Mythical Blockchain Explorer.



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