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MetaKing drops Blocklords theme tune Battleborn

MetaKing drops Blocklords theme tune Battleborn


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Continuing to show its ambition to take medieval strategy game Blocklords to the next level, MetaKing Studios has released the game’s theme tune Battleborn

Composed by Nick Bulavin, who specialises in music for film, TV and games, the piece is performed by The European Recording Orchestra. Bulavin has also composed every song on the Blocklords original soundtrack.

Leveraging his knowledge and experience from the US film industry, MetaKing CEO David Johansson once again furthers his intention to create a deep immersive narrative within Blocklords. Described as a significant element to the game’s atmosphere, the Battleborn release follows on from MetaKing’s recent narrative cinematic Slay The Bear which dropped in November.

In conjunction with that launch, Johansson commented “Crafting strong narratives has always been paramount for us, and Blocklords offers players precisely that platform. We have always envisioned a game that’s driven by its players, with immersive mechanics that propel us into a new era of player-centric economy and narrative.”

More generally, MetaKing Studios is preparing to launch Blocklords Season One, which is expected sometime during December.

You can download the game from Epic Games Store.



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