Immutable zkEVM adds 3 games: GensoKishi, Cursed Stone and Sailwars

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    Blockchain gaming platform Immutable has announced three new games will be deploying on its Polygon-based Immutable zkEVM Ethereum-based scaling infrastructure, which is due to go live in 2024.

    • Developed by Taiwan-based Metap Inc, GensoKishi Online is the web3 reimagining of web2 MMORPG Elemental Knights Online, which has generated 8 million mobile and console downloads and was Game of Year in Taiwan back in 2012.

    • US/Brazilian-developed Cursed Stone is an open world web3 MMORPG that’s inspired by Ragnarök Online. It will offer PVE, PVP and Siege modes alongside dynamic NFTs, which players equip onto their characters. You can read more via the whitepaper.

    • The third game from Chinese-based developer dotGaming is Sailwars, which is inspired by the naval battles in classic fantasy such as The Lord of the Rings and A Song of Ice and Fire. Players can own in-game items such as ships, weapons and characters and there’s also a strong collaborative element to gameplay via guilds. The game has also signed partnerships with Alibaba Cloud, Disney China, OKX and WanXiang Blockchain. Read more via Medium.

    These games join the likes of Shardbound, Space Nation and Eyeball Pool on Immutable zkEVM, which as well as blockchain also offers developers onboarding and payment services including Passport, Checkout, and Orderbook. 

    Find out more about Immutable zkEVM here.


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