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Most popular blockchain games: October 2023

Most popular blockchain games: October 2023


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Welcome to our regular look at the most popular blockchain games, using data from DappRadar.

During October, Alien Worlds, which runs on the WAX blockchain, regained its position as the most popular onchain game with around 130,000 daily active wallets as Farmers World declined to under 100,000 dailies.

More generally, Alien Worlds’ recent decline since May’s peak is believed to be due to a combination of anti-bot measures and changes to its rewards’ program towards players with higher value NFTs. The player base has been steady across September and October, though.

Splinterlands remains in third place. It will be interesting to see if its new card expansion, which is in pre-sale mode, will grow its audience as the year ends.

In terms of games with tens of thousands of active users, the mood is more positive with PC-based RPG Nine Chronicles steady at over 30,000 daily active unique wallets. This is likely to rise in December as it launches its mobile version on 22nd November.

Mobile Monopoly-style game Upland remains very steady at just over 20,000 DAUWs as it has been throughout 2023. Axie Infinity saw a rise up to 15,000 DAUWs, while despite some volatility, Skale-based Untitled Platformer is at the 30,000 level.

You can get a fuller explanation of what’s happening in the video below.



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