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Lattice racing towards Redstone mainnet launch

Lattice racing towards Redstone mainnet launch


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Paris-headquartered developer Lattice has announced it’s preparing for the public launch of Redstone mainnet on 1st May. 

Redstone is Lattice’s own L2 blockchain based on the Optimism OP Stack, and serves as a native home to multiple fully onchain games and autonomous worlds. It uses a protocol that allows games to store data on any data availability solution, without requiring new forms of consensus outside of Ethereum. Significantly, according to the team, this could potentially help MUD games to scale and “enable those applications to go beyond what was previously possible”.

In conjunction with its launch, accompanying games will also go live on Redstone. In the weeks leading up to May, game developers have the opportunity to deploy their projects, with a few titles already announced. Among them is a new game from Small Brain Games, the developer behind Words3 and Draw.tech.

Of course Lattice’s own real-time turn-based strategy game Sky Strife will be released. Interestingly, the inception of Redstone was partly initiated due to Lattice not being able to combine the vision of a fully onchain fun game with low cost efficiency. As the hardcore team it is, Lattice decided to solve the issue by building its own infrastructure, an approach numerous studios are now adopting.

Autonomous world Downstream by UK-based developer Playmint and more recently announced mobile-based fully onchain game DEAR, incubated by ARPA network, are also deploying on Redstone among other games.

In related news, CCP Games recently announced it’s using the Lattice MUD game engine for its forthcoming EVE Online web3 game Project Awakening, which is slated for early playtests starting 21st May.

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