TCG Parallel launches open beta on 29th February

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    Approaching the end of closed beta season 7, Parallel Studios has announced its sci-fi TCG Parallel is launching open beta on Thursday 29th February. In conjunction with the news, the team has also dropped a new game trailer.

    In development since 2021, Parallel has grown to become one of the most anticipated web3 games and attracted a solid community. Part of the wider Parallel ecosystem, the TCG is currently adopted for PC, but is open to exploring further distribution platforms to reach wider use.

    In October 2023, the team launched its most expansive card pack to date, Planetfall. Commenting on the forthcoming open beta, the developer writes in a blogpost, “As we move into open beta we want to attract as many players as possible. If we are successful, and I know we will be, we want to make sure we use PF (Planetfall) as a retention tool for maximum impact. That means getting those new people in and understanding the game before we dump a whole load of new cards on them.”

    Set thousands of years in the future, Parallel builds on a dystopian narrative of five parallel civilizations each trying to retake control of planet earth following a catastrophe that took place 10,000 years earlier. In terms of gameplay, it contains strategic deck-building with players battling it out in turn-based matches.

    When asked how the game stands out among other web3 TCGs, Parallel’s head of game design Kohji Nagata, said in an interview with, “the art speaks for itself. I would put it up against any currently established TCG.”

    “The game itself is a very novel experience. Comfortable and easy to learn for anyone who’s played TCGs in the past, but with enough new and engaging mechanics to drive even the most seasoned players crazy,” he added. 

    Stay up-to-date on Parallel via its website.


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