Home Guides Bitcoin has reached $50,000! – TheCryptoUpdates

Bitcoin has reached $50,000! – TheCryptoUpdates

Bitcoin has reached $50,000! – TheCryptoUpdates


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What this means for mainstream cryptocurrency and what digital asset holders should prepare for. 

In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has been noticeably feverish: rapid bull runs are followed by equally rapid falls which makes many investors’ moods deteriorate and optimism about cryptocurrency assets tends to zero. However, Bitcoin has delivered surprises time again and again, keeping users firmly on the adrenaline hook. We asked ChangeNOW experts about the future of Bitcoin, how high can Bitcoin go, whether it is worth it to buy Bitcoin now, and what other surprises await us soon.

“I understand the excitement of investors, but we should not forget the main principle of crypto – a sober mind and a cool head. We had to watch another round of Bitcoin price rise. Experienced traders know that this process is cyclical, and now we may be at the very beginning of a big growth cycle. We at ChangeNOW are watching the situation very closely. I will take a guess that we might also see another rate correction.”Kate Lifshits, Partnerships Lead at ChangeNOW.

Indeed, we have seen a similar pattern many times before. On the eve of an explosive rate hike, Bitcoin is always “capricious”, giving investors the opportunity to make risky trades on short splits. Does this jump mean that we are at the beginning of a serious bull run? Only time will tell.

Disclaimer: This expert opinion does not constitute financial advice. The opinion of the editorial board may not coincide with the opinion of the expert.

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