Home Guides Studio 369 unveils MetalCore closed beta, starting 26th February

Studio 369 unveils MetalCore closed beta, starting 26th February

Studio 369 unveils MetalCore closed beta, starting 26th February


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One of the most anticipated blockchain games of 2024, MetalCore, has announced its next closed beta test.

An invite-only playtest, Call to Arms will give early players a glimpse of the updated game build, following on from its last playtest in July 2023.

Starting 26th February at 3pm PST, 24-hour game access will feature PVE missions, new rewards and in-game quests. Players will be able to roam freely in the open world, while venturing on to loot, craft, and upgrade weapons and mechs, all while staying alert to challenging PVP encounters. Successful players will also be able to claim bonuses. 

By owning a MetalCore Genesis Infantry NFT – a collection of 10,000 NFTs, all consisting of various traits and levels of rarity – players can get access to more exclusive gameplay and benefits. Additionally, Genesis Infantry NFTs bought and held before 29th February will also be playable in the next closed playtest. 

Studio 369 CEO Matt Candler commented, “This closed beta playtest signifies an important development milestone for Studio 369 – it is really the first opportunity for us to introduce players to the MetalCore economy and deep and extensive mechanics we have been building.” 

In terms of MetalCore’s future web3 elements, Studio 369’s business development manager Jerry Singer explained to BlockchainGamer.biz in a previous interview that over time, the game will have “some major features that have a web3 presence, such as Baronies, Territory Wars, and more. Besides new NFT types such as Land and Factories, these will change the way the economy works.”

The team has been working closely with Immutable to deploy the game on Immutable’s recently launched zkEVM mainnet. As one of the first titles to launch within the ecosystem, MetalCore has also announced its open beta launch is expected sometime in spring 2024.

To join Call to Arms, players are required to hold a MetalCore Epic Games Store key by either signing up to join the waitlist, or by holding prior EGS keys that grant entry. 

For more details on how to join, visit the MetalCore website.



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