Home Guides The Impressive Technological Advancements That Are Powering The Cryptocurrency Boom

The Impressive Technological Advancements That Are Powering The Cryptocurrency Boom

The Impressive Technological Advancements That Are Powering The Cryptocurrency Boom


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The past decade has witnessed the emergence of cryptocurrencies at a furious pace. Decades ago, we used traditional coins, dollars, and wire transfers to exchange value. Today, these exchanges are quick and frictionless with digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. But anybody with eyes could have foreseen that crypto wasn’t just going to be a fad – something that caught everyone’s attention for a couple of years and evaporated when the next shiny bauble arrived — instead, it’s radically changing the way we all will live our lives.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin exist in the Blockchain (the tech that’s spearheading this remarkable boom), but keep on reading to find out more about how this works.

Blockchain technology, the underlying framework of cryptocurrency casino gaming, is essentially a distributed, immutable ledger displayed and distributed simultaneously on a peer-to-peer network of computers. 

All transactions of all users of blockchain-related products are stored on this network of computers, with their real-time records duplicated (or mirrored) on every computer. A transaction is executed using cryptographic algorithm verification. The blockchain network consists of a series of blocks, each recording the information of a completed transaction. A block is permanently validated once it is validated by a majority of the nodes in the network, making it difficult to manipulate for a third party. Once a block is provided with a time metadata stamp, it is added to the blockchain, completing a block.

This may seem new and intriguing if you’re not already a cryptocurrency whizz, so let us break it down for you using the popular example of an online casino. More users are now turning to play in crypto casinos using Blockchain because it means they don’t have to deal with slow payment times, high transaction feeds, or have to share all of their financial information with the gaming site. Using cryptocurrency makes people feel safer so, if you are a game developer, offering people the chance to play with crypto can encourage more players to join.

Ever wondered why so many people would rather play in a Bitcoin casino? Let’s run through some of the key advantages of crypto casino gaming.

Security and Privacy

As an example, you are much safer when gambling on a cryptocurrency casino by using a blockchain-based cryptocurrency. While paying with crypto like Bitcoin guarantees the security of funds and privacy from cyber-attacks or hacking, the transparency of each transaction through blockchain guarantees protection for players.

Furthermore, cryptocurrency online serves to add anonymity to users’ accounts making every crypto payment completely anonymous.

Lower Transaction Fees

Cryptocurrency systems usually charge lower fees than current platforms such as credit cards and bank transfers, a benefit to both players and operators that couldn’t be taken advantage of while flat currency remained king. This means that it is possible to deposit and withdraw smaller amounts of money without incurring higher transaction fees.

Global Accessibility

Cryptocurrency casinos provide individuals everywhere with the opportunity to play regardless of geographical restrictions or currency issues. Cryptocurrencies run on a global, peer-to-peer network and therefore it doesn’t matter if you’re playing from Luxembourg, Mongolia, or Monaco – you can play in your chosen cryptocurrency money, without having to deal with back-end bank and currency conversions. Suddenly, players from all over are available to you and your players, enabling you to build an international gaming community on a global scale.

What is some of the tech behind this growth? We explore below:

Cryptocurrency Payments

Crypto casinos permit customers to deposit, play, and withdraw with digital coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Cryptocurrency payments have a number of advantages when compared with more traditional flat currencies. For example, there are few transaction fees and the processing times are much faster. Crypto payments also provide increased anonymity and financial autonomy, as players are not tied to any banks or payment processors.

Provably Fair Gaming

Provably fair gaming is a game-changing security feature offered by many casinos that guarantees the legitimacy and fairness of casino games. Cryptographic algorithms are used to establish fairness in these games, and every outcome is randomly determined. Thanks to the use of these algorithms, which can be checked independently by players, we can be sure that nothing has been compromised. Most provably fair game variants use random numbers to verify process fairness and include slots, blackjack, roulette, and dice.

Decentralized Platforms

Casinos built on decentralized blockchain networks function through peer-to-peer gambling transactions; decentralized games take the action offshore without middlemen or casino bosses. Decentralized casinos use smart contracts – or computer-automated contracts digitally encoded onto the blockchain – that guarantee automated game outcomes and payments. Such systems replace the need for user trust in gaming authorities which can place more restrictions than necessary on how people are able to game and gamble.


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