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Q&A With Farcaster’s Dan Romero

Q&A With Farcaster’s Dan Romero


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We now have polls on Farcaster, but you kind of have tarot card reading and playing chess. And then people got really creative and said, well, what can we do with the kind of on-chain side of things, right? And actually kind of enable people to have these frames in the feed do something on a blockchain. And so what we’ve seen people have are kind of like mint NFTs right from a frame. And we’ve even had creative use cases, like someone built a full shopping cart for buying Girl Scout cookies that you could kind of do all the interactivity right from inside a social media post. And then at the end, you click, and then you actually pay with crypto. And so what’s been great about it is developers, even within this really simple canvas, have had just tremendous creativity. And what’s been great for users is it just meets them where they are. So developers now get users, and users get actual delightful, interesting experiences right in their feed.



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