Home Guides The race is on to gain gaming ecosystem TreasureDAO

The race is on to gain gaming ecosystem TreasureDAO

The race is on to gain gaming ecosystem TreasureDAO


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With its ecosystem games deployed on Arbitrum, TreasureDAO is currently in the process of deciding where to build its forthcoming Treasure Chain, and ultimately fulfil the prospect of its long-standing MAGIC token becoming a universal metaverse currency. 

While TreasureDAO could choose to remain with Arbitrum, which was one of the biggest gainers in terms of new games in 2023, other ecosystems are eyeing up the opportunity to encourage the gaming ecosystem to join them, notably Optimism and zkSync.

First out was a proposal from Optimism Collective co-founder Ben Jones, which suggested Treasure Chain should be built on Optimism open source OP Stack, arguing “We know Treasure is looking for an Ethereum-aligned team to work with; a team that is focused on decentralization, has conviction in gaming, and isn’t afraid to make big bets. Treasure Chain built on the OP Stack is the best path forward to support the growth of the Treasure Community.”

Judging from how the proposal has been received by the community, it might take a little more convincing to get them in the Optimism camp. 

A few hours later however, a counter-proposal from zkSync-developer Matter Labs’ Omar Azhar rolled in. In essence, it suggests TreasureDAO join forces with zkSync and build its Treasure Chain gaming ecosystem on its ZK Stack scaling solution.

“We would like to propose the ZK Stack to get started on this future with Treasure Chain as the layer 2. This would give Treasure DAO the ability to expand vertically with game or app specific layer 3 chains that settle on the layer 2 Treasure Chain. All of this powered by the most performant Ethereum scaling technology, ZK Stack,” writes Azhar. He adds, “The implementation of Treasure Chain could be a catalyst in driving the overall progress of the Treasure ecosystem to the wider gaming audience.”

Of the most prominent titles currently on TreasureDAO are roguelite RPG The Beacon, fully onchain turn-based RPG Pirate Nation and mobile-first battle royale Mighty Action Heroes, of which the two latter announced their migration to the network in 2023.

Find out more about TreasureDAO by visiting its website.



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