Alien Worlds releases first NFT comic Starblind

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    Alien Worlds developer Dacoco has released its first fully NFT-based comic book Starblind. In collaboration with web3 tech company LightningWorks and support from Alien Worlds community Galactic Hubs, the collection consists of 10,000 Starblind comics of various tiers and unique hand-drawn designs which will be deployed on Polygon. 

    Leveraging blockchain means every cartoon character, image or page in the comic can become a unique NFT for fans to collect or trade.

    Aiming to create an immersive collector experience, this first edition of comics consists of  

    • A mystery package, meaning the comic comes packed in an opaque bag, with a title and issue number revealed but its rarity remaining hidden.
    • Tiers, the comic’s tier is revealed upon unpacking and will range from from Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic to Legendary, with each tier approximately 50% rarer than the previous one.
    • Four additional tiers are available through Forging, which is the process of combining two comics of one tier to create a higher tier comic. In addition, Galactic Hubs is offering a $500 mining tool for a lucky winner who forges an Apocalyptic-tier comic. 
    • Every cover features up to four characters, each with various rareness of traits, featuring weapons, clothing, hairstyles and more.
    • 3% of users have a chance to get a ultra rare cover.

    With a price of $3 each, the cartoons can be purchased via chat apps WhatsApp or Telegram. Users receive a wallet integrated within those apps, and can then choose to transfer the comic to their Metamask wallet.

    “Following the tradition of Marvel, DC Comics and Star Wars, the next great story-telling franchise will be born from a community – not from a corporation,” said Alien Worlds co-founder Saro McKenna. 

    LightningWorks founder Geoff McCabe commented, “Our overarching aim is to ignite community enthusiasm around both the innovative technology and the captivating narrative we’re crafting. This first edition is a pioneering venture because the concept of a web3 comic remains largely unexplored. Our initiative transcends the norm of merely attaching a token to a digital comic and we are already using groundbreaking technologies exclusive to LightningWorks and Alien Worlds to forge a new path for the future of comics.”

    To mint your comic, visit the LightningWorks marketplace.


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