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YGG quests coming to Iskra gaming hub

YGG quests coming to Iskra gaming hub


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Leading web3 gaming guild YGG and southeast Asian web3 hub Iskra have signed a deal to bring YGG’s questing systems to Iskra’s partner games.

As part of the deal, the two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish the partnership which aims to grow the web3 gaming ecosystem through joint marketing campaigns and events as well as YGG’s questing model. In effect since July 2022, YGG has previously integrated quests with titles such as Pixels, Big Time and My Pet Hooligan.

This partnership enables quest participants to acquire achievements as soulbound NFTs to build their reputation within YGG, and in-game assets from titles including Clashmon: Ignition, Norma in Metaland, Three Kingdoms Multiverse and WOW Casino.

The two companies have also swapped governance tokens, in part to enable YGG to purchase assets and pay for services in the Iskra ecosystem, as well as participate in governance through the Iskra DAO.

“We understand how significant the southeast Asian market is for web3 adoption and believe that the Iskra platform will play a significant role in onboarding gamers and developers alike,” said YGG co-founder Gabby Dizon.

“This partnership marks an important step for web3 gaming, as we get to show how effective the questing model is through Iskra’s growing platform of web3 titles. We look forward to creating engaging quests that will ensure player retention, build their on-chain reputation and contribute towards a shared vision for the ecosystem.”

As well as serving as a platform for web3 games, Iskra provides a wallet service, a decentralized exchange, a marketplace and a launchpad.

To date, the South Korean outfit has hosted over four million registered wallets and 100,000 monthly active users, and has raised over $40 million in investment from the likes of LINE, Kakao, Wemade and Netmarble. It’s also partnered with Indonesia’s largest game developer, Agate, and entered into a strategic partnership with Vietnam’s leading blockchain company, VeriChain.



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