WEMIX and Arbitrum see most growth in 2023 but Polygon remains #1 gaming blockchain

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    Having recently looked at the number of discontinued and canned blockchain games – the Big Blockchain Game List has now been crunching data on which blockchains added the most new games during 2023.

    The blockchains that added most new games during 2023 were:

    • WEMIX with 56 new games,
    • Polygon with 47 new games and
    • Ethereum with 33 new games.

    However, taking into account games which were discontinued, or changed blockchain or deployed on additional blockchains, the top growing chains of 2023 in terms of net increase during the year were:

    • WEMIX with a net increase of 38 games,
    • Arbitrum with net 33 more games,
    • TON up by 29 games, and
    • Immutable up 18 games.

    The category with the biggest net growth was Other Chains, up by 59 titles. Indeed, the increase of new blockchains – everything from L1s to L3s – was a key trend in 2023, and not just for gaming but for all blockchain applications.

    Of course, it’s also worth looking at which blockchains ended 2023 as being the most popular in terms of most supported games. For example, while Solana and BNB declined by net 30 titles during 2023, nevertheless, both remain in the top five most popular single blockchains for gaming.

    The current breakdown is

    • #1 Polygon
    • #2 Ethereum
    • #3 BNB
    • =#4 Solana and Immutable


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