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PG Connects London: Web3 Wonders and Future Formats tracks

PG Connects London: Web3 Wonders and Future Formats tracks


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With the 10th anniversary special edition of Pocket Gamer Connects London just a couple of weeks away, we thought it was time to explore the 29-track conference schedule. This January 22nd and 23rd, more than 200 world-class expert speakers will bring you the hottest trends and latest innovations in the global games industry.

You’ll have access to two days of cutting-edge talks, seminars and panel discussions with some of the world’s leading authorities covering everything from monetisation and growth strategies, to web3, blockchain and the metaverse.

Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to meet and learn from some of the most exciting companies, brands and individuals in the games industry – tickets are available now.

Between now and when the venue doors open, we’ll share what each track is about, as well as the talented individuals that will lead the sessions.

The Web3 Wonders track

Tuesday January 23rd

Discover what lies ahead for the blockchain gaming scene and delve into the transformative techniques and strategies shaping this freshly-invigorated market. Ownership, decentralisation, NFTs and more: elevate your gaming strategy with talks and panels covering web3 technology, and hear from experts who are shaping the way games are played and monetised.

10:30 5 Learnings From the Biggest Game in Web3

  • Paul West, Founder at Fumb Games

10:50 Building for Infinity – 100% Onchain Games

  • Jon Jordan, Editor at BlockchainGamer.biz
  • David Amor, CEO at Playmint
  • Andy Colosimo, Chief Operating Officer at Soccerverse
  • Ronan Sandford, Founder at Etherplay

One of the big trends in blockchain games during 2023 has been the rise of fully onchain games, in which a game’s logic and assets are all fully deployed onto a blockchain, without any centralisation. Our expert panel of onchain game devs will discuss the pros and cons of this hardcore approach.

The Future Formats track

Tuesday January 23rd

Explore the future of games, where ground-breaking technologies like AI, Metaverse and web3 redefine the industry landscape. Delve into discussions about the transformative power of these innovations, unravelling their potential dominance and anticipating the ripple effects on the games eco-system. This track scrutinises the dynamic interplay of emerging technologies, offering insights into the multifaceted evolution that awaits the games landscape.

11:30 Cultural Interoperability: The Biggest Challenge to Online Social Spaces (and Beyond)

  • Kate Edwards, CEO at Geogrify

11:50 Gaming in 2029: The Five Year Horizon

  • James Hursthouse, Head of Business Development at Greenstone Initiatives

It’s January 2029! The games industry has undergone a number of shifts over the last five years, driven by factors including the integration of Web3 and Blockchain, technological advances, notable successes in cross-media integration, and the emergence of new markets around the globe.

‘Gaming in 2029: The Five Year Horizon’ promises a comprehensive analysis of trends that will shape the industry over the next five years, offering attendees valuable insights into the strategies, innovations, and market understanding required to navigate the evolving landscape of the gaming industry.

12:10 When the Metaverse died… not!

  • Marcus Pullen, MD at Blue Donut Studios

So where are things heading with the Metaverse? Has all the silliness gone away? Has the hype-cycle got a flat tyre? Where are we now? How is it developing? Where is it going? What do the kidz think? What does business think? Is it still worth investing in developing solutions?

12:30 What’s the Next big Frontier for the Games Industry? Metaverse, Web3, Something Else?

  • Tadhg Kelly, Head of Operations and Game Design Consultant at Mobile Game Doctor
  • Paul Flanagan, Advisor at Creative Mobile
  • Jari Pauna, CEO at Supremacy Games
  • Arzu Celik, Director at Azul Creative Mds
  • Cihat Bakir, CEO at Multiplayer
  • Serhat Tanrıkut, CTO & Co-Founder at Wodo Network

Is the Metaverse already over? Will NFTs and blockchain tech ever really become mainstream? Can cross-media IP success continue (more Marios and Last of Us than Warcraft and Assassins Creed)? Will big brands fall more in love with games? (e.g. sponsoring esports, metaverse, etc)? Is AR the next big thing?



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