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Grayscale’s Is the First ETF to Begin Trading

Grayscale’s Is the First ETF to Begin Trading


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Spot bitcoin ETFs were finally approved in the U.S. after a decade of trying. The Securities and Exchange Commission gave the green light Wednesday to key filings from the markets seeking to list the groundbreaking products. They will begin trading today. Bitcoin’s price topped $47,500 following the decision and is now trading around $47,000. About a dozen companies, including BlackRock, Fidelity and Grayscale, sought to create bitcoin ETFs. These are spot ETFs, meaning they hold bitcoin itself, versus the already-approved bitcoin futures ETFs, which hold derivatives contracts tied to BTC. The hotly anticipated products will debut on U.S. markets run by the NYSE, Cboe Global Markets and Nasdaq, aided by major trading firms who plan to provide liquidity.



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