Spot Bitcoin ETFs Approved: The Crypto Industry Reacts

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    Samuel Armes, founder, Florida Blockchain Association: "I think at the end of the day, these ETFs are going to bring a bunch of money into the space. It's going to make the price go up. It's going to make more people involved. But, I also think it's going to start the division between actually being able to hold your keys and having, you know, synthetic bitcoin. So, I think most people will opt to just buy and hold the ETF. I think a lot of boomers in the older generation will never self custody their bitcoin, which is obviously antithetical to the mission of the token, but they just want to get involved in it now that bitcoin is back. So, the base layer mission of Bitcoin of sovereign independence and freedom money will take a hit. But, the price is still coming to work, and adoption — quote-on-quote — will go up as well, whatever that means."


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