Home Guides Sky Mavis launches shop for non-blockchain in-game items

Sky Mavis launches shop for non-blockchain in-game items

Sky Mavis launches shop for non-blockchain in-game items


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Sky Mavis has launched Mavis Store, an online shop consisting of non-blockchain in-game items from the catalogue of games deployed on Ronin. 

Currently two items are available in the shop. Battle Bears Gas Cans are used in Battle Bearsthe first thirdparty game to launch on Ronin – to get to the battlefield. Packages of Gas Cans vary in price from $2 to $1,000. In addition, exclusive bonuses will also be given for in-app purchases and Sky Mavis has hinted that future rewards might await users of Mavis Store.

The other item up for sale is Origins Gems, an off-chain resource that can be used as currency in the Origins Shop, with items and consumables linked to Axie Infinity Origins. Of the total revenue in the Origins Shop, 10% is designated to the Axie Community Treasury.

Accessible within the Ronin wallet, buyers can pay using RON, AXS, SLP, WETH and USDC, and a total of 0.5% of Mavis Store revenue will go to the Ronin Treasury.

Claiming that App Store and Play Store fees are seen as a hindrance for game developers’ ability to make revenue, Sky Mavis requires a significantly smaller fee of “only” 5% for maintenance of the Mavis Store. Continuing its launch streak of new features, Sky Mavis says this is only the beginning and has plans on expanding the shop.

Visit Mavis Store to learn more.



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