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Pixels announces token airdrop leaderboard

Pixels announces token airdrop leaderboard


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Following a busy last quarter of 2023, including migrating from Polygon to Ronin, social RPG Pixels has announced the shipping of its first anticipated feature in 2024, the PIXEL token. 

In contrast to the already existing in-game token BERRY, PIXEL is described as a premium game token which will be significantly harder to acquire and inherently provides different utility. 

Still only briefly outlined, some of the utility include guild features – guilds were introduced as a way to tackle bots in the latest season of Pixels – and pet mints, which has gained significance since the recent Mocaverse x Pixels metagame integration.

The allocation of PIXEL is limited to the top 7,000 players on the leaderboard of the two-week running Play-to-Airdrop 2.0 event. Ways it can be earned include completing more challenging tasks or by active contributions to the ecosystem. For instance, users with more reputation points, which can be increased by inviting your friends, will be allocated a bigger grant of the token.

In addition, 1,000 randomly selected players with a score above 3,000 will also get a grant of PIXEL, as well as users who participated in the first P2A campaign which took place in 2023. 

In a recent AMA with Sky Mavis co-founder Jeff Zirlin, Pixels CEO Luke Barwikowski said he lives and breathes Pixels and he’s previously stated on X that “In 2024, I have one singular goal. I want to prove the play-to-earn model can work and be sustainable.” 

With a lot of momentum both as a game but also thanks to the general market sentiment, it remains to be seen whether airdrops of this kind are the best way to build ecosystem longevity. To some degree, it depends what motivates the players to remain with a game. In that respect, 2024 is certainly prone to be a crunch point in the development of blockchain gaming.



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