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Warner Bros’ Ready Player One enters the metaverse

Warner Bros’ Ready Player One enters the metaverse


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Metaverse and AI tech developer Futureverse has announced it’s teaming up with Ready Player One creatives to launch Readyverse Studios.

Futureverse co-founders Shara Senderoff and Aaron McDonald are joining forces with Ready Player One creator Ernest Cline and film producer Dan Farah to launch a new interactive platform called The Readyverse.

Aiming to introduce major IPs to the metaverse, The Readyverse will consist of interconnected digital experiences spanning across web3, games, AR and VR technologies.

Its first exclusive IP deal is with Warner Bros. Discovery, which will see the Ready Player One franchise enter the metaverse through web3. 

Senderoff and McDonald commented, “With Ernie, Dan and our partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery – we have the unique opportunity to help bring the metaverse to life beginning with the IP that first showcased its potential. This is just the beginning of our collaboration with both Hollywood and global brands.”

The open metaverse, as depicted by Cline in his novel Ready Player One, will be materialised by Readyverse Studios as a decentralized multi-world and multi-IP open metaverse experience. Built using Futureverse’s technology stack, it’ll emphasize interoperability, digital ownership and community-owned infrastructure. The company also has exclusive access to Cline’s future IP.

“With Readyverse Studios, we have the opportunity to leverage the revolutionary technology Futureverse has been building for several years to bring to life the best possible version of the metaverse. We have the brightest minds and biggest hearts in place to lead us into the next chapter of our collective future… a future that would make Wade Watts and James Halliday proud,” said Cline.

Ready Player One has become a cultural touchstone, inspiring technology innovators, creators, and visionaries and we’re excited to be partnering with Readyverse Studios to introduce these unique characters, immersive environments and more, to the metaverse across web3,” added Josh Hackbarth, SVP Franchise Development at Warner Bros. Discovery. 

Find out more at The Readyverse website.



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