Alkimi Launches Mainnet; Bringing $600 Billion Industry On-Chain

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    London, United Kingdom, December 19th, 2023, Chainwire

    Alkimi, the world’s first decentralised ad exchange, has exited beta and now has advertisers and publishers buying and selling inventory through its blockchain-based programmatic platform. The launch of a custom consensus, distributed ledger and node platform marks a new era for digital advertising. It makes it possible to buy and sell advertising space in a completely decentralised manner through the blockchain infrastructure.

    The mainnet Alkimi offers delivers performance enhancements, complete transparency, and greater efficiency in the digital advertising ecosystem. By cutting the fees from over 37% to between 3-5%, the cost of buying ads was reduced from $9.03 to $2.71, granting advertisers 212% more media while also increasing ad campaign performance by 19% in collaboration with the world’s largest media agencies and publishers.

    Ben Putley, Alkimi CEO and Co-Founder, expressed how “I am thrilled to announce the launch of Alkimi Exchange’s mainnet, a pivotal moment in our journey to revolutionise digital advertising. In 2023, the digital ad spend is projected to be $678.9 billion, signifying the immense potential of this market. Alkimi Exchange will capture this potential by bringing a significant portion of digital ad spend on-chain via our exchange AlEx.”

    For advertisers and media agencies, the mainnet presents a level of clarity and accountability in ad spend that was previously unattainable. Publishers, in contrast, are poised to benefit from a more streamlined and profitable approach to ad management and revenue generation, with a higher proportion of advertiser dollars being passed on to them, thus creating more value online.

    A key feature of the new mainnet is the inclusion of a Liquidity Staking Derivative (LSD), allowing users to join a liquidity pool on Balancer and stake their LP tokens (stADS) on the user portal, This feature offers users the opportunity to ‘yield farm’ the internet.

    The launch of this mainnet represents not just a technological advancement but a paradigm shift in how digital advertising is conducted. By harnessing blockchain technology, the company is setting new standards for transparency and performance in the industry, marking a significant step towards a future where digital advertising is more effective, transparent, and fair for all parties involved.

    About Alkimi Exchange

    Alkimi Exchange is a decentralised replacement to the inefficient legacy programmatic ad exchanges with the mission to restore the value exchange between advertisers, publishers and users. Alkimi Exchange is a custom layer 2 scaling solution on the Ethereum network, specifically for advertising — which allows us to provide the fastest, infinitely scalable solution with 0% fraud, low transaction fees and complete end-to-end transparency.

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