Home Guides PG Connects and Games Factory Talents create career opportunities in London

PG Connects and Games Factory Talents create career opportunities in London

PG Connects and Games Factory Talents create career opportunities in London


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We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Careers Zone at Pocket Gamer Connects London, January 22nd to 23rd, a groundbreaking collaboration with Games Factory Talent.

This partnership will create a community where professionals can explore, connect, and embark on their journeys within the games industry. The Careers Zone is designed to be a hub of innovation, networking, and talent acquisition, providing a platform for individuals to discover and pursue fulfilling careers in the ever-evolving realm of games.

Talent acquisition opportunities for recruiters

There is currently a wealth of top-tier talent available in the games industry. This is your opportunity to elevate your recruitment strategy with our customised recruitment packages.

Our premier package, ‘Recruiter Access’, offers the chance to publish five jobs online, with two featured at the venue too, exclusively for the first five studios to take up the offer. Dive into a pool of potential candidates as you explore matching talent profiles, engage with interested individuals, and seamlessly book meetings through the online MeetToMatch platform. Directly receive applications to your applicant tracking system (and amplify your reach with additional job posts at a nominal £100 each). This is an exclusive add-on to your PGC London Ticket, so remember to book that too.

For a more focused approach that doesn’t require you to be on-site during the event, the ‘Recruiter Lite’ package enables you to publish one job online, and view matching talent profiles and interested talent profiles. It comes with virtual access to the MeetToMatch platflorm so you can seamlessly book online meetings with jobseekers. Plus, you’ll also receive applications directly to your ATS and have the opportunity to post additional positions for £100.

Finally, the basic ‘Job Post’ package provides the flexibility of online job posts at £100 each. Show your vacancies to a sea of global talent as candidates check out the site.

Genuine opportunities for candidates

The Careers Zone is a gateway for active applicants to discover open roles from hiring studios directly on the Games Factory Talent platform, simplifying your application process. Take control of your career journey by requesting meetings with studio representatives and booking one-to-one sessions for valuable feedback on your CV and LinkedIn profiles from specialist recruiters at Games Factory Talents.

For live ticket holders at PG Connects London, access a personalised experience with matching jobs and the chance to book face-to-face meetings with hiring managers and studios through the MeetToMatch platform. You’ll also be able to mingle with the visiting studios and network at the evening party and take in all the shared knowledge from four stages of talks and panels.

Digital pass holders, your opportunities are fabulous too – receive matching jobs, apply directly to studios, and book online video meetings with hiring managers/studios, all from the convenience of your digital pass access. Seize the chance to propel your career forward in the vibrant landscape of games at PG Connects London. (Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see the talks and panels or raise a glass at the party.)

Tickets are still available for PG Connects London, but prices rise on January 4th, so secure the best deal possible by registering today. Join us at PG Connects London, where passion meets profession and where the future of your games career unfolds.

Explore the careers zone here.



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