Home Guides Nekki brings web2 and web3 players together in upcoming NFT game Fight Me

Nekki brings web2 and web3 players together in upcoming NFT game Fight Me

Nekki brings web2 and web3 players together in upcoming NFT game Fight Me


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Boasting decades of experience within the browser-based management genre, Nekki aims to bring web2 audiences into web3 gaming with its upcoming title Fight Me. In particular, Fight Me tasks players with managing their very own fight club by collecting fighters with meticulously crafted character designs across a browser-based game.

Nekki’s legacy

The Cyprus-based development studio is known for its popular Shadow Fight series, along with its parkour runner Vector, and has amassed an incredible 1 billion downloads across its catalogue of mobile titles. The studio has its roots in its earlier football management game 11×11, and is now modernising its endeavours by transitioning into the web3 platform – a fitting move from its past experiences in marketplace trading across browser-based titles.

NFTs and Fight Me

With Fight Me, Nekki is incorporating its expertise in management genres and marketplace trading with the game’s NFT feature – each fighter reflects the various upgrades players can unlock, showcasing the characters’ different traits, skills, cosmetics and unique visuals. 

To make the game more accessible to web2 audiences, the studio is foregoing the crypto wallet typical of other web3 games in favour of a simple email-based sign-up. Players can purchase in-game collectible fighters with fiat currency for accessibility; plus, the game is browser-based to eliminate any convoluted installations and downloads.

Synergy of NFTs and gameplay

In lieu of a volatile cryptotoken, Fight Me operates on an in-game resource called “Boost Cola” – this can only be earned via actual gameplay, and cannot be traded in the marketplace. This in-game resource is used to upgrade fighters and enhance their powers, and can only be acquired by inviting new players to the game.

As for the gameplay itself, players can expect an intriguing narrative surrounding the mysterious company that manufactures Boost Cola, all presented in high-quality graphics and animations that add to the appeal of the NFT card designs. There is also a variety of weapons, talents, and even pets to unlock. 

A combination of web2 and web3 elements

While both types of players have their own goals within the game, this can create a co-dependence that will make the economy thrive. Some players are driven by the need to develop, evolve, level up and upgrade their fighters through farming, while the competitive players will be on the constant lookout for these well-rounded fighters for trading in the marketplace.

To discover more about the upcoming title, you can visit the official website for more announcements on the upcoming presale on December 15th.

Fight Me is set to launch in the 2nd quarter of 2024.



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