Mod-able Mojos and new season launch as winter arrives on Planet Mojo

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    The Frozen Fates season in Mystic Moose’s autochess battler Mojo Melee is now live. Alongside the launch comes the usual new skins and in-game assets as well as Mod-able Mojos NFTs, which using the Mojo Maker tool enables players to mix and match their Mojos’ costumes, while users’ metadata is stored on-chain.

    With the launch of Frozen Fates, the in-game minting feature has also been activated, which enables champions who have reached level 20 to be minted into NFTs on Polygon.

    Users can now turn their in-game achievements and customizations into mintable NFTs. Other additions include new spellstones and a new premium $15 battlepass, which – if completed – offers exclusive rewards like a brand new mojo yeti costume.

    Mojo Melee is currently available in browser. Open beta is also available on Android and a beta TestFlight version is available for iOS here.


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