Home Guides Pudgy Penguins reveals details of upcoming Pudgy World

Pudgy Penguins reveals details of upcoming Pudgy World

Pudgy Penguins reveals details of upcoming Pudgy World


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Ethereum-based NFT collection Pudgy Penguins has announced the forthcoming release of Pudgy World. Described as a social open world game in which holders of Pudgy Penguins NFTs and owners of physical Pudgy toys come together, its alpha is slated for launch in Q1 2024 on zkSync.

Initial features will enable users to customize their penguins and dive into a story-driven journey while interacting with each other along the way. Moreover, two hero characters will be launched in addition to new story-driven missions and quests.

More significantly, Pudgy World is a web3 game merging digital and physical collectibles based on the Pudgy Penguin IP. Each physical toy comes with a QR code, allowing users to claim unique traits for their digital Forever Pudgy Penguin character inside the game, although neither an NFT nor toy will be required to play the game.

“Blockchain technology has historically been a B2B model, whereas Pudgy Penguins is direct-to-consumer retail, which reaches a considerably larger audience. The alpha launch of Pudgy World is a massive step forward for the Web3 and NFT space because Pudgy Penguin owners will be playing with their toys, without any pre-existing knowledge of the blockchain technology it is built on,” commented Pudgy Penguins’ CEO Luca Netz.

Adopted to scale and mobile release, Pudgy World will be deployed on Matter Labs’ zkSync blockchain. This also opens the opportunity to collaborate with other IPs leveraging the Ethereum layer2 network.

Pudgy World leverages zkSync’s revolutionary zero-knowledge (ZK) technology to unlock new business models and gaming experiences, similar to the gaming industry’s transformative shift to mobile games,” remarked Matter Labs SVP of Growth Michael Lee.

Stay up-to-date at the Pudgy Penguins’ website.  



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