Chain Switchers: Apeiron migrating to Ronin

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    Welcome to our article tracking the games which are switching blockchains or adding additional multichain support.

    Singapore blockchain game developer Foonie Magus is the latest company to announce it’s migrating from Polygon to launch its debut title – card battle god game Apeiron – on Sky Mavis’ Ronin blockchain.

    Swedish game developer Mystic Games is bringing its two mobile titles, Call of the VoYd and Heroes of the VoYd, currently on Polygon, to South Korean gaming blockchain Wemix.

    Dog racing and management game Dogami Academy launched on Tezos in October. In a recent announcement however, the developer says it aims to expand the ecosystem and onboard more players by deploying its game assets on Polygon, in addition to Tezos.

    NFT holders can now migrate their Tezos NFTs to Polygon but they can’t be moved back. DOGA tokens can be bridged between Tezos and Polygon without limit. Following the move, Dogami NFTs on Polygon are now available via Opensea and the game’s DOGA token will be available on trading platform Bitpanda in addition to Uniswap.

    Fully onchain tycoon sim Cryptopia has announced its integrating with Skale.

    South Korean developer ACT Games has announced it’s bringing its games portfolio to the Ronin blockchain. Its first release on Ronin will be the currently-Polygon-based PC/mobile web3 TCG Zoids Wild Arena.

    October 2023

    MMORPG The Forgotten Runiverse from web3 gaming studio Bisonic, has announced it’s integrating with Arbitrum’s gaming and NFT ecosystem, as a way of enhancing player ownership and enabling users to mint anything they create in-game to the blockchain. Based on the Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult NFT collection, The Forgotten Runiverse previously deployed its assets on Ethereum, but alongside moving towards its full launch, the game is now deploying on L2 blockchain Arbitrum.

    Mobile-first sci-fi strategy simulator Galaxy Blitz has announced it’s migrating from BNB to Oasys. As per the announcement, the migration is a measure to try and reach more Japanese and South East Asian players. It’s set to start on 20th November.

    US studio Revolving Games is migrating Skyborne Genesis from Polygon to Arbitrum Nova in conjunction with its early access release of Skyborne Genesis Prologue on 4th October.

    September 2023

    Monopoly-themed Upland from Uplandme, currently with its economy on the EOS blockchain, has introduced a new Ethereum-based ERC-20 called Sparklet.

    Raini Studios’ TCG The Lords of Light, which currently has its RAINI token live on Ethereum, BNB and Fantom, has announced it’s migrating to the Avalanche-powered Beam network. As part of a strategic rethink, the RAINI token (and what was to be its PHOTON token) will now become one unified and deflationary RST token, underpinning the entire Raini ecosystem, with liquidity only provided on Beam. RAINI tokens can be swapped 1:1 with RST, which will be used for buying special packs and allow discounted purchasing of the TLOL’s in-game currency, amongst other rewards.

    Social farming game Pixels has announced it’s migrating from Polygon to Ronin.

    August 2023: Dimension X, from Crypthulhu Studios, has announced it’s going cross-chain, and will deploy on Ethereum in addition to its current blockchain Flow.

    Megaweapon, currently with its WEAPON token on Ethereum, has announced its migrating to the Avalanche-powered Beam blockchain.

    July 2023: Mighty Bear Games’ Mighty Action Heroes switches from Polygon to Arbitrum.

    Solana-based Aurory announced it’s going cross-chain, with Arbitrum the second chain to be supported via its SyncSpace tech.

    Eyeball Games announced its pool game Eyeball Pool is migrating from Cronos to Immutable’s zkEVM chain.

    US-based developer AMGI announced its My Pet Hooligan metaverse will migrate from having its PFP NFTs on Ethereum to exclusively deploy on Polygon, at least for the first 12 months.

    Game developer Mythical Games announced it’s migrating its Mythos ecosystem from Ethereum to Polkadot.

    June 2023: Champions Ascension has announced it’s moving from Ethereum to Polygon

    March 2023: After initially moving from Immutable to Polygon in 2022, Studio 369 has announced its open world shooter MetalCore is returning to Immutable.

    Blocklords, from MetaKing Studios, announced it’s switching from Immutable to Polygon, although it currently is supporting NFTs on both blockchains.

    Pirate Nation has announced it’s switching from Polygon to Ethereum L2 Arbitrum Nova.


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