Home Guides ‘What Goes on Inside That Brain’ of Jesse Pollak’s?

‘What Goes on Inside That Brain’ of Jesse Pollak’s?

‘What Goes on Inside That Brain’ of Jesse Pollak’s?


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“No Finer Place” is a 3D collaged motion work. The story takes us from Jesse’s desk through his monitor, mind, and coding which brings us to the L2 world he’s building with Base. It’s part of my ongoing DeepCuts series – 3D collages with depth inspired by songs – and Petula Clark’s “Downtown” played on repeat while creating it. If you listen to the lyrics from Jesse’s POV inviting us to build a better world on Base, it makes sense. A place where everything’s waiting for you and people gather in a bustling epicenter. The buildings are being actively constructed by different communities – art galleries, clubhouses, marketplaces – much like how construction happens in an IRL city’s downtown. The environment is much brighter there with pink, blue, yellow, teal, and purple hues used in Base’s on-chain summer. The skyline in the background are charts of Base’s progress over the year and circuits connect each community to the next. I nearly titled it “No Finer Base”!



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