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Vendetta Games rides the upward NFT trend

Vendetta Games rides the upward NFT trend


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Web3 game developer Vendetta Games is the latest to have timed its NFT mint just right. As NFT trading keeps gaining momentum, the now sold out Frontier collection sits on a current $345,000 (168 ETH) in total volume.

The collection includes 888 NFTs, of which 777 were publicly released and free to mint. It featured a $40,000 prize pool of Vendetta Games’ VDT token, and included utilities such as early access to its upcoming flagship game Chalk River, and more. 

“Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen significant traction within our community, a lot of new members and interested gamers – we see this NFT as an opportunity to capitalise on the current market trends and keep building,” said CEO and founder of Vendetta Games Alex McConnell.

“We’re overjoyed with the success of this collection, as the first-come-first-serve rounds were sold out in seconds, and happy to see us still trending on OpenSea” he added.

Backed by web3 gaming ecosystem Vulcan Forged and layer-1 blockchain Elysium, the team’s forthcoming title Chalk River is a wild-west themed open world game. With a rich storyline centered around an orphan trying to navigate and survive the Old West, the game draws inspiration from the likes of the Red Dead Redemption series, and also contains various mini-games.

Chalk River released early alpha exclusively to its community in 2023, and is set for full launch sometime during 2024. 

Stay up-to-date via Vendetta Games’ website.



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