This Week: MetalCore $16,000 tournament on Owned

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    MetalCore’s $16,000 prize tournament

    Free-roaming PvPvE sci-fi shooter MetalCore kicks off its largest tournament to date – including a $16,000 prize pool – via web3 gaming platform Owned. Running through two days, the event starts Friday 1st December.

    Illuvium Epic Games launch

    Tuesday 28th November, turn-based RPG Illuvium launches in open beta on Epic Games. Most significantly, this beta #3 release will include PVP battle in the Ascendant Arena, as well as team building and revamped features in Overworld, although the latter will still be limited to closed beta testers.

    Sky Strife Season 0 launch

    Lattice’s Sky Strife season 0 launches its longest playtest yet on Monday 27th November. During the initial three days of the season – 27th to 30th November – players can mint a free season pass which contains access to maps, the setting of entrance fees and rewards, as well as access to exclusive free matches.

    Oxya Origin on Ultra

    400 Ultra Keys will drop on Ultra, Tuesday 28th November, which give beta access to Oxya Origin. In addition, the key packs include OXYZ tokens, weapons, buildings and skins, as well as a future option to burn the key in exchange for an in-game skin. Ultra Keys can be purchased for $5 each.

    Raini introduces Formations

    Raini Studios releases a new formation feature in Raini: The Lords of Light, starting with a formation pack drop on Wednesday 29th November. In terms of the Formations, they will include 200 Rainbow Packs and 200 Unicorn Packs and be distributed on previous chains Ethereum, Avalanche and BNB. For the first time however, packs can also be minted on Beam. An additional 1,700 Collector packs will also be available.

    Paradise Tycoon new alpha features

    This week, Paradise Tycoon launches new alpha features including a brand new juice bar, revamped obstacle course and Paradise Coupons with which players can unlock exclusive rewards and upgrades.

    Paradise Tycoon has also recently unveiled plans to expand its gaming ecosystem and MOANI token.

    Starknet session keys

    Starknet has introduced session keys, which enable apps to autonomously sign transactions on behalf of users for a specified period and transaction parameters, improving user experience especially in fully onchain games where transactions accumulate quickly and can make gameplay clunky.

    Free Army of Tactics mint on Xterio

    Army of Tactics, part of the Army of Fortune metaverse, has a free mint on web3 launchpad Xterio, Tuesday 28th November.


    • Merit Circle’s card game Eclipse of Edenhorde has expanded with a new card set, new game mechanics, rules and a new look.
    • Angry Dynomites Lab has rebranded as VOYA Games, announced a UGC-focused mobile game called Craft World which will deploy on a new blockchain, and much more.
    • Nine Chronicles has teamed up with web3 move-and-earn fitness app SuperWalk.
    • Pirate Nation is on web3 games hub Forge.
    • Rugged then revived. The story of Gods of Asgard.
    • Paul Bettner’s Wildcard is bigger than Donald Trump on Magic Eden. Bullish? Much.


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