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Sky Mavis launches Axie merch store

Sky Mavis launches Axie merch store


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Axie Infinity developer Sky Mavis has announced the launch of its first merch store.

The first collection will be the >Code: Axie_ Collection, which celebrates the game’s 2018 launch, when the first axie NFTs were mint without artwork, being purely code. The collection will feature a one-time limited edition drop consisting of a hoodie, t-shirt and cap that will last for two weeks.

More generally, the merch store will include figurines, plushies and apparel, while holders of Mystic axie NFTs will be able to access a token-gated figurine in both physical and digital form. There will also be updated licensing guidelines that enables Mystic holders to create, sell, and receive 100% of the profit made from merchandise featuring their axies.

“We believe by building a strong and accessible IP, we can introduce more people to Axie Infinity and onboard a new generation to web3. Like Hello Kitty and Pokémon, our axies have captured the hearts of millions of gamers and have the potential to be a cultural touchpoint in the physical world,” commented Sky Mavis CEO Trung Nguyen.

In conjunction with the launch, Sky Mavis is releasing downloadable designs that fans will be able to print up locally. In key regions such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia it will also be working with popular superapp Grab to reward store users with Grab points and a 10% discount at the store via a campaign on the GradAds platform.

Launching at 2pm GMT on Friday 24th November, the first 5,000 people to buy something from the Axie Infinity merch store using the Ronin wallet will receive one free axie NFT and the chance to claim one of three Mystic axies.



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