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Blocklords drops new narrative cinematic

Blocklords drops new narrative cinematic


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Developer MetaKing Studios has released the second of three planned cinematics for its blockchain strategy title Blocklords.

Entitled Slay The Bear, it builds on the atmosphere from original trailer Protect Your House, which focused on high level characters and has been viewed one million times, with a vignette about what happens when a huntress tries to stalk a rare albino moose.

The animation was produced by Axis Studios, which has also worked on cinematics for the likes of Diablo II: Resurrected, Halo Infinite and Destiny 2.

More generally, MetaKing has revealed that game’s open beta is generating around one million hours of gameplay weekly as it gears up for its Season One launch.

“Crafting strong narratives has always been paramount for us, and Blocklords offers players precisely that platform. We have always envisioned a game that’s driven by its players, with immersive mechanics that propel us into a new era of player-centric economy and narrative,” commented CEO David Johansson.

“We’ve eagerly anticipated sharing Slay The Bear and I can’t wait for players to see their characters up on the big screens — this trailer is just a small glimpse of what is to come. Blocklords isn’t just our story, it’s the players’ stories too.”  

We recently discussed all things Blocklords – past, present and future – with Johansson in episode 146 of the Blockchain Gaming World podcast. Check it out below.

You can download the game now from Epic Games Store.



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