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Mocaverse Clubhouse and exclusive pets entering Pixels

Mocaverse Clubhouse and exclusive pets entering Pixels


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Animoca’s membership NFT collection Mocaverse and social RPG Pixels have unveiled plans to integrate a Mocaverse metagame into the Pixels universe.

The activation will enable holders of Mocaverse NFTs to enter Moca Clubhouse, which will contain its own gameloop and opportunities to earn Moca Realm Points, Pixels Farm Lands as well as pets exclusive to the experience. According to Pixels CEO Luke Barwikowski this will include “the biggest rewards we’ve ever done in Pixels”.

Through this partnership, Mocaverse will also increase the invite code distribution, aimed only for Pixels users. Players can enter the experience using either their basic Mocaverse avatar, or choose from a range of exclusive avatars available to Moca ID holders.

The news follows shortly after it was announced that Mocaverse will integrate Ubisoft’s Champions Tactics Grimoria Chronicles into its ecosystem. All the while, the Moca community is busy minting Moca IDs, of which 41,000 is claimed to have been minted to date.

Pixels in turn keeps gaining traction since deploying on Ronin, recently exceeding 100,000 DAUWs.

In a recent AMA, Barwikowski said the Moca Clubhouse is set to run for two to three weeks and is likely to be launching at the end of November.

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