Dated: Delabs’ Rumble Racing Star launches open beta, 22nd November

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    Below is a rolling list of games updates, upcoming launch dates and mints. If you think we’ve missed something, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]


    Overworld genesis mint, 15th December.

    Rainbow Rumble launches, 7th December.

    Splinterlands Rebellion card set release, 5th December.

    Illuvium beta launches on Epic Games, 28th November.

    The Sandbox Cinerama Land sale, 23rd-27th November.

    Nine Chronicles mobile release and Nine Chronicles M launch, 22nd November.

    Axie Champions closed playtest starts, 22nd November.

    Rumble Racing Star open beta launch, 22 November.

    Arc8’s GameFest, 16th-30th November.

    Riftstorm early playtest, 15th-21st November.

    Mojo Melee new season Frozen Fate starts, 16th November.

    Fableborne first Primordial Essence airdrop to NFT holders, 15th November.

    PC-based Phantom Galaxies launches early access via Steam and Epic Games, 15th November.

    Gas Hero genesis mint, 13th November.

    Wild Forest open beta, 9th November.

    Mocaverse Moca ID mint, 9th November.

    The Forgotten Runiverse Watcher’s Ring mint and pre-alpha launch, 8th November.

    Bubble Rangers mobile-based soft launch, 8th November.

    Legendary: Heroes Unchained next open alpha starts, 8th November.

    Dogami Academy early access release, 7th November.

    The Sandbox Creators Day 2023, Hong Kong, 3rd November.

    AstroMust NFT drop on Ultra, 2nd November.


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