Illuvium boosts governance structure, appointing 20 experts including Gabby Dizon and Robbie Ferguson

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    Expansive blockchain game Illuvium has announced significant tweaks to its governance structure, including the four committees covering marketing, game, strategy and operations.

    These committees sit under Illuvium’s main council and liaise with the community council, which itself is ultimately driven by the game’s token holders.

    These committees now consist of five experts; a change from the proposed original set up of three experts and one member from developer Illuvium Labs.

    The members of these committees selected are as follows.

    Operations committee

    • Jarad Grey, head chef at Sushi
    • Babar Muhammad, head of AML Compliance at VISA
    • Santiago Santos, angel investor, formerly Parafi
    • Carson Cook, founder, Tokemak
    • Jamie Patterson, former GM, Fairfax Media, CEO at Blueshyft

    Strategy committee

    • Anton Bukov, founder of 1Inch
    • Mike Zacharski, head of business development, Chainlink Labs
    • Yan Liberman, MP, Delphi Ventures
    • Vance Spencer, co-founder of Framework

    Game committee

    • Brooks Brown, founder at NOR
    • Kent Byers, chief product officer at Civitas – The Machines Arena
    • Sam Peurifoy, head of interactive at Hivemind Capital
    • Alexander Fleyshman, partner at ARCA NFT Fund

    Marketing committee

    • Luca Netz, owner, Pudgy Penguins
    • Robbie Ferguson, co-founder of Immutable
    • Gabby Dizon, co-founder of Yield Guild Games
    • Brycent, web 3 lead, Vayner Sports

    It hopes that these committees will drive decision-making for Illuvium as it makes its long anticipated early access launch on Epic Game Store later in November.


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