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FTX Wants to Sell Its GBTC

FTX Wants to Sell Its GBTC


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Bankrupt crypto exchange FTX and its debtors have asked the U.S. bankruptcy court of Delaware to approve the sale of some trust assets, funds of Grayscale and Bitwise valued at an estimated $744 million, through an investment adviser, according to a Friday court filing. “The Debtors’ proposed sale(s) or transfer(s) of the Trust Assets will help allow the estates to prepare for forthcoming dollarized distributions to creditors and allow the Debtors to act quickly to sell the Trust Assets at the opportune time,” the filing said. “Additionally, because the Debtors may sell the Trust Assets to one or more buyers in one or more sales, sales pursuant to the Sale Procedures will alleviate the cost and delay of filing a separate motion for each proposed sale.” The “trust assets” are held in five Grayscale Trusts, totaling an estimated $691 million, and one trust managed by Bitwise, amounting to $53 million, based on the market value as of Oct. 25. Grayscale and CoinDesk are part of the same parent company, Digital Currency Group (DCG).



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