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Nine Chronicles opens pre-reg for its mobile launch

Nine Chronicles opens pre-reg for its mobile launch


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MMORPG Nine Chronicles from South Korean developer Planetarium has announced that pre-registration is now open for its mobile release. Calling it a new chapter for Nine Chronicles, Planetarium recently announced its successful PC game had soft launched on mobile, tuning in to the larger global shift towards mobile gaming. 

Following its PC-launch, Nine Chronicles has continued to be one of the top-performers in terms of MAUWs, however with its refocus towards mobile, the game hopes to onboard a significantly wider audience. 

As per the announcement, “Compared to traditional PC games, mobile games have a lower entry barrier. Consequently, Nine Chronicles will attract a broader player base, fostering interactions among players with diverse gaming preferences and experiences enriching the community.” 

Aiming for a more sustainable and vibrant in-game economy, the statement continues:

“Ultimately, (releasing on mobile) enhances the game’s quality, visibility, and long-term sustainability. This growth signifies a promising ecosystem that will benefit both players and stakeholders.”

Nine Chronicles was one of the earliest fully-onchain games to launch. With its community-led development and open source approach, it’ll also be one of the first of its kind to fully launch on mobile.

Pre-registration for the mobile release is open from 1-20 November, and users who sign up using their social logins will be rewarded with NCGs, Whispering Ores and access to exclusive events.

For more details, visit the pre-registration page.



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