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WWE’s Worst Toy Ever Features A Magnetic Sable Head | Wrestle Buddies Episode 35

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WWE’s Worst Toy Ever Features A Magnetic Sable Head|Wrestle Buddies Episode 35

Happy holidays from the Wrestle Buddies, the hosts of GameSpot’s expert wrestling podcast. Tailoring up for The Buddiesies– our annual award program– Mat and Chris are taking a week to dive into a really dumb WWE toy from the late ’90s. Also, it’s the return of WrestlePiece Theater.Kicking things off, a couple of weeks back, Chris chose up a WWE toy from eBay, and it brought him a lot of delight, so Mat tried the exact same thing. However, Mat’s journey to delight was rough as he acquired something called WWF Bangerz– he desired Pogs but those were too costly. Mat opens these Bangerz and tries to find out how to play them. Initially, it looks like a pretty dumb game; however, Mat can’t stop playing.Following that, there’s one last fun technique up our sleeves, as we have the final WrestlePiece Theater for 2020. Reenacting among the most popular promos pre-Attitude Age are a few of GameSpot After Dark’s and We Take pleasure in Fumbling’s hosts. Kallie Plagge, Tamoor Hussain, Chastity Vicencio, Matt Fowler, and Eric Goldman all provide their talents to voice”Stone Cold”Steve Austin. Why did Fowler pick a British accent? The world might never know.All that, plus we answer your concerns. New episodes of Wrestle Buddies are launched every Thursday on the podcast platform or app of your choice, consisting of Spotify, Stitcher, and Apple Podcasts. You can also keep up to date with the podcast by following it on Twitter. Released at Thu, 24 Dec 2020 17:30:00 +0000

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