Home Guides Darewise and Deadfellaz creator DFZ Labs join forces

Darewise and Deadfellaz creator DFZ Labs join forces

Darewise and Deadfellaz creator DFZ Labs join forces


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Life Beyond developer Darewise has announced an expansion of its partner portfolio by joining forces with Deadfellaz creator DFZ Labs.

In a quest to support each others’ ecosystems, Animoca Brands subsidiary Darewise Entertainment and DFZ Labs will share knowledge and strategic advise with each other. Darewise is currently developing PC-based sci-fi hub Life Beyond while DFZ Labs features PFP collection Deadfellaz, DFZ Gaming and an upcoming TCG, currently codenamed RIP TCG.

More particularly, the Deadfellaz community will utilize its Streamingfellaz avatars and content to showcase and promote Life Beyond, with a particular focus on its upcoming B.O.T.S game and the alpha and beta versions of the Life Beyond metaverse, which are expected to release in Q2 and Q4 of 2024 respectively.

To further strengthen the tie and encourage their communities, Darewise has also acquired Deadfellaz PFP NFTs and NFTs of DFZ Labs upcoming TCG which will be used for community battles and engagement.

“Collaboration is one of the foundational cornerstones of Web3, and it is a huge honor to envision something new and build it alongside such visionary peers as Darewise and Animoca Brands,” commented CEO of DFZ Labs Betty.

Darewise Entertainment CEO Benjamin Charbit added, “The Deadfellaz brand is one of the most recognized IPs in the web3 space thanks not only to its strong visual identity but also to the values it represents and its strong commitment to gaming and the empowerment of its community. We are looking forward to our working closely together and sharing each other’s expertise.”



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