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Warner Bros Movies Will Play Solely In Regal Theaters For 45 Days In 2022

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Warner Bros Movies Will Play Exclusively In Regal Theaters For 45 Days In 2022

Warner Bros. has struck a handle Cineworld over its theatrical roll-out of movies in 2022. The world’s second biggest cinema chain, which owns Regal theaters in the United States, will have an exclusive 45-day window to show the studio’s films.As reported by

Deadline, Warner’s movie will open exclusively in Regal theaters in the United States in 2022, and, offering they open to a mutually concurred ticket office threshold, they can remain there for 45 days. This threshold has not been exposed, however it will potentially alter, depending upon the film. Big Warner films presently arranged for release in 2022 include The Batman, Aquaman 2, and Great Monsters and Where to Find Them 3.

What happens to the films after 45 days hasn’t been validated yet, but a release on HBO Max appears likely. Throughout 2021, Warner is releasing its films at the same time to HBO Max and into theaters. Nevertheless, the studio has mentioned that this will just be for a year, and the Cineworld offer confirms its intention to continue with a theatrical design, albeit with a dramatically minimized window.In a declaration,

Cineworld SEO Mooky Greidinger said,”We are really pleased for the contract with Warner Bros. This contract reveals the studio’s commitment to the theatrical service and we see this contract as a crucial milestone in our 100 year relationship with Warner Bros.”In associated news, Regal theaters will begin resuming in the US from next week. A limited variety of websites will open on Friday, April 2 when Godzilla Vs. Kong releases, with more locations to follow on April 16 with Mortal Kombat. Cineworld closed all 536 Regal theaters last October following the 2nd delay of the James Bond movie No time at all To Die. Released at Tue, 23 Mar 2021 19:25:00 +0000

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