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Story of Seasons: Leaders of Olive Town Review– Easy Convenience Over Aspiration

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Story of Seasons: Leaders of Olive Town Review– Simple Convenience Over Aspiration

No franchise has actually been in the farming game as long as Story of Seasons, best referred to as Bokujo Monogatari in Japan (and formerly called Harvest Moon in North America). Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the series developed a formula that’s influenced hit video games like Stardew Valley. But in recent years, it’s had a hard time to stay relevant with fresh concepts. Story of Seasons: Leaders of Olive Town tries to keep the flame alive by having you develop a town and offering enjoyable features (like an image mode and museum) to fill with discoveries. The loop is amusing, however the rewards aren’t satisfying enough for the financial investment required to get them.Like its predecessors, Leaders of Olive Town begins with you landing in a small village and beginning a new life as a farmer. Olive Town is struggling, and the mayor requests your assistance in turning it around. You get development tasks, which require you to gather up the ideal materials to enhance crucial elements like roadways, benches, and the city center. Enjoying the city change with each upgrade feels rewarding, considering that more travelers pertain to the location and Olive Town starts to look a lot more attractive. Nevertheless, don’t anticipate to have much control over the town’s change. You get asked concerns as if your opinion and instructions matters, however all responses result in the same location, and going on bring quest after bring quest gets tiring quick.

That being said, the core loop of taking a farm from absolutely nothing to a successful operation is still entertaining. I anticipated every center upgrade, brand-new animal, or crafting dish I could unlock. While you’re roaming the wilderness, you can likewise now tame wild animals and bring them to the farm, implying you’re not always paying out money for brand-new livestock. Money can come easy, but it’s the products you need for the crafting, townspeople requests, and structure improvements that induce the obstacle. I didn’t mind this initially; breaking rocks for ores, lowering trees for lumber, and cleaning up puddles for clay is basic enough. But these products need to be processed in makers, and each maker has a particular function, from transforming milk into cheese to turning wool into yarn. The issue? Not just exist far too many of them for each little thing, but inserting the required materials just produces one converted product, so if you need 50 of a specific type of lumber (and you will), it can take a maddening quantity of time. You can build more than among each device type, but they use up essential area.

My journey through Leaders of Olive Town had plenty of low and high. Things either came too easy, like charming the townsperson of my option, or needed too much effort, like unlocking some farm facilities. I was impressed with how much there is to do, however all of it comes at a cost; I seemed like I could never ever invest time checking out specific aspects, such as creating clothing or getting into cooking, due to the fact that they need precious time and feel unimportant compared to your other tasks.

Olive Town’s areas appear small in the beginning, but as you build bridges to brand-new areas, satisfy Earth Sprites that take you to special places, and search various caves with treasure-filled floorings, things broaden a lot. You are constantly enhancing your skills as you do the fundamental tasks of tilling the land, reducing trees, breaking rocks, and this in turns opens up more crafting dishes to get you things like automatic feeds for your animals or ornamental furniture. This offers a rewarding sense of your character advancing and brand-new things to constantly look forward to.

I also took pleasure in the fun little touches like being able to ride a motorcycle or use the various installs to get around. Celebrations are hit-or-miss, with some being more interactive than others. The video game also offers a museum similar to Animal Crossing, where you can contribute your treasures, fish, and photos you have actually taken of wildlife. Furnishings and home upgrades are also aplenty, even though your home feels a little confined to where you can put things. You have this spacious layout, with only a selected, smaller sized location to truly decorate as your own.

For those interested in the social elements, you get new scenes at a constant rate by walking the town and speaking to villagers, which made me desire to make the effort to visit them. I anticipated these scenes to read more about the people in Olive Town, however in general, I didn’t discover this cast memorable or amazing. Nobody is straight-out bothersome (except for perhaps food critic Lovett), however the villagers merely fill their functions as shop owners and members of the neighborhood and deal absolutely nothing special beyond that. The events as you advance in a romance fare much better, as they really do catch the chemistry and growth in your relationship.

I mostly had an enjoyable time with Leaders of Olive Town, however it isn’t the most technically sound video game. Patches have continued to improve my experience, however expect some irritating packing times, framerate issues (especially stuttering), and the occasional video game freeze. Absolutely nothing caused me to stop playing in frustration, however understand that this is still not the smoothest experience.

Leaders of Olive Town is a decent Story of Seasons entry, however it’s not more than that. I still got taken in by the core formula of improving my farm and loved making new discoveries as I explored. I have lots of things I enjoy about this game, but encountered simply as many that didn’t strike the mark. I likewise can’t get away from believing, after all this time, should not this series be making bigger leaps forward and leaving a stronger impression?

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Released at Thu, 25 Mar 2021 20:26:00 +0000

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