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Otterbox Announces New Xbox And xCloud Add-on For CES 2021

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Otterbox Announces New Xbox And xCloud Accessories For CES 2021

Microsoft’s Xbox cloud video gaming service (Job xCloud) formally released last September, permitting you to play Xbox video games on the go utilizing an Android phone or tablet. Now, Otterbox has unveiled a new line of mobile gaming accessories aimed at keeping your phone and controller damage-free. Declared during CES 2021, the brand-new Otterbox mobile gaming line features an Xbox controller shell, a bring case, a mobile video gaming clip, and more. As you’ll see, the new items aren’t precisely inexpensive, however their rates are in line with what Otterbox generally sells its cases, screen protectors, and other accessories for– you’re spending for superior toughness here.The following

mobile accessories release in mid-February, and preorders will open on January 25.

Easy Grip Controller Shell|$40

Otterbox Easy Grip Controller Shell
Otterbox Easy Grip Controller Shell While there are lots of controllers that work well for Xbox cloud gaming, the very best mobile controller to utilize is the main Xbox wireless controller, which xCloud’s video games are designed for. The new Otterbox Easy Grip Controller Shell offers long lasting security for the Xbox cordless controller, securing it against any drops or scrapes. The most attractive feature is the grip pads on the side of the shell, which assist you maintain a comfortable grip while gaming.Of course, any Xbox gamer might use this shell, even if you’re sitting at house playing on Xbox Series X|S. The shell would also make the brand-new Xbox cordless controller, which is a little smaller than the old model, a bit bigger, a great perk for those with large hands. The Easy Grip Controller Shell will be offered in 3 different colors: black, black/gray, and purple.Easy Grip Gaming Case |$55 Otterbox Easy Grip Gaming Case
Otterbox Easy Grip Gaming Case Otterbox is known primarily for its durable phone cases, so it makes sense that the new mobile gaming line includes a phone case created for players. The Easy Grip Video gaming Case is significant for its anti-slip design that expels heat, keeping your hands cool and comfy. Since today, it works with iPhone 12/12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 Mini, 11, 11 Pro Max, and SE (second gen)/ 7/8, with Android compatibility coming soon. Keep in mind that xCloud is currently only readily available on Android phones, with iOS performance coming sometime this spring.Mobile Gaming Clip |$30Otterbox Mobile Gaming Clip
< img alt= "Otterbox Mobile Gaming Clip "src= "http://digitallifegaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/TElntl.jpg"srcset=" https://gamespot1.cbsistatic.com/uploads/original/1591/15918215/3781650-gamingclip.jpg 5736w, http://digitallifegaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/TElntl.jpg 1280w, https://gamespot1.cbsistatic.com/uploads/scale_medium/1591/15918215/3781650-gamingclip.jpg 480w"sizes="(max-width: 1280px )100vw, 1280px"data-width ="1280"> Otterbox Mobile Video Gaming Clip If you play video games with xCloud, you’re most likely going to desire a mobile gaming clip, which connects to your controller and holds your phone in location. The Otterbox mobile video gaming clip is created for the Xbox wireless controller and grips it securely for hours of gaming. The angle can easily be adjusted with one hand while you play, and

when you need to store your setup, the clip collapses flat to your controller for simple transport.Gaming Carry Case

Otterbox Gaming Carry Case
|$45 Otterbox Gaming Carry Case


Probably the niftiest brand-new item in the line, the Otterbox Video Gaming Carry Case isn’t your typical travel case– it’s designed with xCloud users in mind. Not just does it provide resilient defense and room to fit both your controller and mobile clip; it also has a screen stand for your phone with numerous different angles available. There’s likewise a slot for a charging cable to pass through and connect to a portable power bank while you game.Gaming Glass

Privacy Guard|$50

Otterbox Gaming Glass Privacy Guard

Otterbox Gaming Glass Privacy Guard If you’ve ever been on an airplane or train and felt that uneasy feeling of someone examining your shoulder at your phone, you’ll get why Otterbox is using the Gaming Glass Privacy Guard as part of its mobile gaming line. The personal privacy guard is a screen protector that blocks the view of anybody looking at your screen from the side without obstructing any clarity on your end. Of course, you’ll still get the perk of it protecting your screen from any scratches and resisting shatter as well.

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